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The City of Kiev


Have you run into rapidly growing task complexity, which require new approaches to client-side application development? Do you have lots of questions and not comprehensive answer can be found online? Do you feel like the numerous conferences give only a shallow overview of the problem?


Come and discover the latest trends in making layout from leading layout experts of the country. You may have already seen them as speakers at professional conferences, such as: Web Standards Day, Lvov Ecommerce Forum, SE2013, UA WEB, Rrofsoux, JavaScript Frameworks Day and others. Yury Artyukh, Egor Lvovskiy, Anton Kazanov, Murad Rogozhnikov are ready to show by the example of their active or completed projects the approaches and tips that can significantly speed up and improve the quality of your work. Yes, we strive for professionalism.


What will be discussed during this event?

Questions ranging from all kinds of ways to speed up the layout process, animation, preprocessors and ending with Angular.js and React.js. See the details in the plans of the speeches of the speakers.


What are you going to get?

A lot of new useful information and even personal communication with the leading layout experts.

План мероприятия

Speaker: Yury Artyukh 

Topic: Layout Automation


- Accelerating layout process 

- Preprocessors 

- Utilities 

- Grunt 


Speaker: Egor Lvovskiy

Topic: Web components: Past, Present and Future 

- Complexities of large application development

- Existing approaches to partitioning into components 

- General aspects and drawbacks 

- A look into the future and the successful present 


Speaker: Murad Rogozhnikov 

Topic: Rework, the css-pre-post-processor 

- What is this thing, how it differs from the classical preprocessors 

- Demonstration of the built-in features 

- Review of community plugins 

- Creating your own plugin


Speaker: Vadim Timchuk 

Topic: Immersion in CSS3 animations 

- Work mechanics 

- Practical examples of usage 

- Ensuring cross-browser support 

- Controlling animations via JS