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Hi all!

We are glad to announce Golang Meetup in Kyiv on 18th of May 2018.


Alexey Grachov, Go Developer - Go Frontend

Ivan Danyliuk, Go core Developer at Status.im – Go as an Agent-Based Model simulation tool [ENG] 

Agent-Based Model (ABM) simulations is a technique of exploring complex phenomena in various domains, such as an economy, social sciences, biomechanics and business processes. It usually takes a specialized software to design and model those simulations, and it can be prohibitively complex to use it and learn a new modelling language. I’m going to explore possibility to use Go as a versatile ABM simulation tool, which is enticing idea thanks to Go’s simplicity and built-in concurrency support. With demo and various simulation examples we’ll assess the cons and pros of using Go for ABM simulations over the conventional ABM software.