Unit testing in AngularJS

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Старт курса

2015-12-08 2015-12-08 Europe/Kiev Unit testing in AngularJS --- Smartme University info@smartme.university


After completion of this course you will learn that writing unit tests with Anglular is not only useful, but also very simple and easy! You will lose all your fears and gain confidence. Together we will make first step on the way of testing and say firm ‘no’ to ‘it’s all broken’ situations. 

Why do you need this course?

To enhance code reliability, to ease its understanding, to optimize – all this can be achieved with the unit testing. So, if you are looking for methods to enhance code quality, the unit testing is exactly what you need.

What will learn to do after completion the course?

Taking the AngularJS framework as an example, students will learn to understand main principles of the unit testing and how to use them in real projects. Later on, you can use this knowledge working with other frameworks and libraries.

The course will be interesting if:

– you want to learn base principles of the unit testing.

– you want to learn practically the approach to organize the unit testing easy and simple within the boundaries of the JavaScript framework.

– if you started to write in Angluar and want to learn the unit testing in this framework.

– if you write in Angular for long time and want to back up your code with tests.



– knowledge of JavaScript at the junior level, minimum one year of working experience.

– knowledge of AngularJS (for homework preparation – a must) will be a plus.

– NodeJS – basic NPM work skills (Node Packet Manager).


During the course Victor will illuminate the following topics:

Unit testing – overview.

What is the unit testing?

Solving tasks in the unit testing.

Solving unit testing tasks in Angular:

Karma Spec Runner.

Main tasks to solve.

Main configuration and debugging.


Jasmine – a framework for the unit testing.

Main Jasmine methods and the unit test structure.

Angular tools for the unit testing.

Overview of Angular tools for the unit testing.

Testing of services, controllers and filters.

Services testing.

Controllers testing.

Filters testing.

Mock dependences and testing their interactions.

Timers and promises testing.

Working with promises.

Timeout, interval testing.

HTTP requests testing.

$httpBackend mock.

Directives testing.

DOM and even handlers testing.