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Сложность курса: middle

Старт курса

2016-03-17 2016-03-17 Europe/Kiev WEB ANALYTICS. RELOADING --- Smartme University info@smartme.university


"I do not believe that you can become an expert in web analytics in just 4 hours. This is a major area of knowledge and practices. I've studied that for 7 years and am still aware of areas I need to explore. Together with the guys from SmartMe we have created a course series whose graduates will be able to actually increase profits of their projects, or projects of their customers. With us, you'll be a practitioner rather than a theorist!"

Roman Rybalchenko 

What are we going to study?

Google Analytics. Roman will make a review of the system, starting with the basics, and as a result you go home with a fully set up analytics system for your website and a clear understanding of how Google Analytics works

During the course you will learn:

  • Why you should not trust generic web analytics tutorials; 
  • How to correctly analyse traffic and its sources; 
  • How sources influence the resource conversion;
  • How to correctly track advertising at Google Adwords and Yandex. Direct; 
  • What is Webvisor and how it works

And the list is not exhaustive (see picture on the right) 

You will see web analytics from a completely different point of view. No one talks about that. You won't find this online. What you get is the conclusions based on years of practical experience.

Who will benefit from this course?

This course is designed for beginner web analysts, SEO experts, online marketers, marketers and Internet entrepreneurs.




Online learning consists of five classes, which include:

- Theoretical (lecture) part
- Video lessons 
- Homework 
- Tests

In the case of any difficulties or questions regarding the course content, Roman will give you advice and answer all your questions by email.