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2016-03-17 2016-03-17 Europe/Kiev WEB ANALYTICS. Deep dive --- Smartme University info@smartme.university


"I do not believe that you can become an expert in web analytics in just 4 hours. This is a major area of knowledge and practice. I've studied that for 7 years and am still aware of areas I need to explore. Together with the guys from SmartMe we have created a course series, graduates of which will be able to actually increase profits of their projects or projects of their customers. With us, you'll be a practitioner rather than a theorist!"

Roman Rybalchenko

"Web analytics. Deep Dive" course is the second level of training from Roman Rybalchenko. During the first course, his group filtered out visits from their IP, fully customized goals in web analytics, learned to work with an e-commerce module and url linker. What to do next?

The second level is for those who cannot be surprised by the web analytic tools setup process. This is a closed chapter for them. How to optimize your work with a multitude of sources? This is a more difficult question. Roman is ready to tell you more on this subject. He will not just answer the question; he will show how to optimize and scale, based on decades of experience and practical case studies. 

What are we going to study?

1. Deep segmentation. How to write regular expressions? Regular expressions workshop.

2. Stream segmentation to increase efficiency. Expanded segments, filtered representations, channels. Over 50 study cases.

3. Accelerating analysis and demonstration of key KPI to the employees: Customized reports and summaries. Proper access allocation for colleagues, to prevent painful situations in future.

4. Go beyond Google Analytics. Data export from Google Analytics. Data processing and business analytics using Excel. Formulating API related tasks for programmers. Summary tables to improve advertising effectiveness.

5. Tracking offline conversions (phone orders, pickup etc.) — 5 methods. Import conversion into Google Adwords. Google Analytics and CRM data synchronization.

6. Advanced tools and reports: Demographic reports, contextual advertising efficiency improving services. Analysis of competitors. Import costs into Google Analytics. Advertising scaling and optimization.

 + Bonus part: new features of Universal Analytics. Differences of Universal Analytics from classic Analytics. How to migrate painlessly to new Analytics?

Our learning process:

Online learning consists of seven classes. The content of this training course includes:

- Theoretical (lecture) part

- Video lessons 

- Homework 

- Tests

Each participant of the online course has an individual schedule of classes with clearly stated timeframe of schedule terms of receiving training content is delivered and submitting homework & tests. 

In case you have difficulties or questions regarding this course, Roman will give advice and answer all your questions by email 

On the last class, each participant will have to present the results of work on their own (or customer) resource.

Who will benefit from this course?

This course is designed for web analysts, SEO experts, online marketers, marketers and online entrepreneurs who are already spending over $500 on advertising a month and work with multiple sources.

You should not come if:

You are not interested in scaling and growth. We have no interest in you.

Goodies and other stuff 

1. Make new useful connections

This course not only contains some valuable information, but it also presents a platform to forge useful and profitable connections: We attract staff and top management of the country's leading agencies, famous and less famous entrepreneurs 

2. Work on your project 

18 hours of active work on your own project: Actual implementations and real results.

3. You can ask the trainer any questions after classes

The trainer is always online, so you can always ask him about something that you have failed to ask during the classes or something that becomes unclear during your homework

4. Notes

Roman prepares notes for classes, containing the most valuable information from a practical point of view that you'll be able to quickly find and use in daily work at any time.

5. Certificates 

All Participants receive a certificate of course completion. The most successful receive a honours degree.

Why you should sign up now:

 - This course has a limited number of participants so that the trainer can devote enough time for each person.

 - The more you hesitate, the higher the price goes. The next admission will cost more.

 - If you compare this course with other web analytics courses, you will understand that the price is reasonably fair.

 - In case you do not like the first class, we are ready to fully refund you for the course on condition that you will not be able to attend our events in the future.